Friday, November 4, 2011

Cafe Thao Mi

Brian discovered this place in the 'hood a few weeks ago. Decent convenient take-out at the register, great ice coffee. Located in the Taylorsville Nickelcade strip mall on Redwood Road, disguised as a shady smoker's hangout, this cafe is actually a full service restaurant offering the usual Saigon street classics, like "banh mi" sandwiches, "pho" noodle soup and traditional-style rice vermicelli dishes. 
Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  They use the old school drip filter! 12 or 16 oz, with or without whip. Ice cold and STRONG.
Bun Bo Hue.  Spicy, decent, acceptable (not mind-blowing).
Vermecelli Rice Noodles, Eggroll, Grilled Pork.  Grilled pork was fabulous. Eggrolls not memorable. I love the fish sauce here.
Check out the grab-n-go.
Sticky Rice, Chinese Sausage, Scramble Egg.  Can't go wrong with comfort food. Crispy shallot, marinated dried shrimp, sauteed scallion are perfect garnishes for sticky rice and Chinese sausage.
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