Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Copper Onion...summer time, patio dining

Outdoor patio is open and the summer menu is FABULOUS!
Can't remember what was ordered, but the selection by the glass was impressively awesome.
Check out our mister oil face :)
Sauteed Mushrooms, $9.  This is a mandatory must-order! Local sunny chicken egg smothered in garlicky parsley sits on top of a pile of crisp potato strings and seasoned wild mushrooms. Unbelievable.
Halibut.  The veggies were unusual with a nice ethnic twist. The fish was nicely flavored but, unfortunately, overdone.
Pasta Carbonara, $15.  Al dente house-made noodles are drowned in rich, cheesy, peppery goodness and tossed in salty bacon and an egg yolk. Heavy, fattening and FABULOUS.
The side dishes were $4 each or three for $11. 

Broccoli Raab.  This was simply prepared but too bitter for my taste.
Steak Fries.  Glorious crispy hefty potato chunks coated in parmesan and herbs. BEST FRIES EVER.
Idaho Lentils.  The lentils were tossed in pickled veggies and feta. Too subtle, my least favorite.
Grilled Snap Peas.  I love these! Love em!
Chicken Soup, $7.  Tomato broth, Idaho white beans, jalapeno, pulled chicken. Combo was too weird for me.
Lamb Riblets, $19.  This was my first taste of lamb ribs and they were phenomenal. Despite by aversion to creamy-looking stuff, this creamy potato-cauliflower salad was amazing!

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