Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daly's Pub & Rec at The Montage Deer Valley

Daly's Pub & Rec, located inside the Montage Deer Valleyis one of our newest fun spots in town. Bring the kids for some family fun :)arcades, shuffle board, pool tables, Wii stations, darts and bowling! Pull up to the front of the hotel and comp valet (Vegas style) and watch the kids (well, my kids) race into the lobby, make a left and then go downstairs hoping to claim an open Wii station while the parents order fantastic pub food... 
Chicken Pot Pie, poached chicken breast, celery, pearl onions, carrots, peas, buttery crust, $17.  Believe it or not, this was my first chicken pot pie ever. I was in the mood to try something very American, plus it was listed as a specialty. Yumunder the crusty pastry layer oozed perfectly seasoned gravy and chunks of pearl onion and fresh-cut chicken and veggie. I'm definitely getting this again.
Margherita, san marzano tomotoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, $13.  Right out of the brick oven, peeled tomato, fresh basil leaves, fresh mozzarella. Gorgeous pizza.
Montage Mountain Ale Battered Fish and Chips, black cod, red cabbage slaw, lemon, tartar sauce, $17.  The fish was cod, buttery and silky. High-end comfort foodso good.

Cheeseless Margarita.  Michael is into cheese-less pizza...loved this saucy flatbread.
Crispy Chicken Fingers, french fries, $8.
Cheddar Mac 'n Cheese, fries, $8.
Daly's Pub & Rec
(435) 604-1300
Located inside Montage Deer Valley hotel, downstairs.
9100 Marsac Avenue
Park City, UT 84060
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Easy Street Bar in Park City - cocktails and late bites

Flashback to Sundance! Janice took us to the "Audience Award: Dramatic Winner" screening on closing night of Sundance Film Festival. After the movie we hit Main Street and scored an incredible parking spot right in front of Easy Streetit was meant to be. We went downstairs to "Bar BohemeThe Bar at Easy Street" for casual late night yummies.

Acai Sour, Winner of the 2010 Park City Cocktail Contest.  Janice ordered these neon blue drinks because she's partial to words like "winner" and I guess we were celebrating. We are such lightweightscould barely make it past a few sips ;) Plus, I know this sounds lame, but I kept thinking about WindexI have issues with blue Gatorade too ;'/ 
Sauteed Mussels, with herbs, white wine, tomato sauce & grilled bread, (big bowl) $25.  Perfectly fat and juicy mussels arrive in an addicting piquant tomato broth. They never screw up the mussels hereso fabulously tasty. Dip the toasty baguette.
Easy Street Burger, apple-wood smoked bacon, blue cheese, red onion & roasted garlic, $11.  Good thing we split thisthere was no way we could possibly finish an entire burger without help. Medium-rare, rich blue cheese, omg. Best burger EVER.
Can you guess what the Sundance Film Festival "Dramatic Winner" selection was from the scene below? Can't remember remember the name, but it was pretty typicallesbian, Muslim, coming-of-age, rebellious, bad girl, girl-power movie with subtitles...
Main Street.
More flashbacking....
Ms. Lauryn Hill sings her soul outbig posse, big hair, big fur, tons of bling, tons of smoke, packed house... 
Then to House of Blues Foundation Room for...
...Nelly where it was INSANEwild mob scene. 
Judie busting out signs with Bishop Lamonte.
Dave Greene, The Filthy Souls, on guitar.
Nancy Nichols...texting, legs, heels, blonde ;)
Long lost blast to the past soulmate Damon Whitaker xx
And some rastafari mellow vibes of happiness...The Wailers.
At The Yard with Aigroeg et al...
Far East Movement rock the house, close-up pix by Hilary Reiter (you looked amazing in that sparkly top!).
Back to the Playboy Lounge again...
Kalup Linzy and James Franco, Three's Company: The Drama. Blonde wigs everywhere. Mellow times with ZackD.
Poet and Lucy...

Jennifer Siebel Newsom (San Fran mayor's wife) introduced her movie documentary Miss Representation which was shown inside Temple Har Shalom.
Ruth and I (and a ton of other women) sat as the audience (bunches of feminists) and film makers analyzed...sexism, male-bashing (?), media's depiction of women...
Meanwhile on the slopes, the snow was perfect and we practically owned the mountain. Michael, my little ripper, killin' it.
Baddest racerboys ever, Arman and Max. Life is good! xo
For more of my Sundance and Chefdance, click on:
Bar BohemeThe Bar at Easy Street
(435) 658-2500
Located inside Easy Street, downstairs, part of The Sky Lodge.
201 Heber Avenue
Park City, UT 84060
Open Daily 7am-6pm
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Official Website for Bar BohemeThe Bar at Easy Street
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