Friday, September 30, 2011


Mustang is one of our top fave places for outdoor dining on Main Street. Take in breathtaking views of the sun setting behind mountainscapes, some casual people watching, live music, fabulous signature dishes, awesome service, sweet urban vibe...
Bufala Mozzarella Tomato Bruschetta, $11.95. 
 Thyme Garlic Marinated New York Steak, $39.95.  
Southwestern Style Grilled Honduran Lobster Tail, $47.50.  Texas Ruby Red grapefruit salsa, spinach, jack cheese enchiladas. You'll love it, guaranteed.

Park City Farmer's Market


bye bye summer...


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grilling Corn on the Cob on a Gas Grill

Let's grill some corn! Find some fresh, clean corn with tight husks from your garden (if you have one), farmers' market or local grocery store. There are dozens of ways to prep grilled corn, but I stick to the bare basics. I am obsessed with fresh Utah cornso sweet, so crisp, so juicy, fabulous. Keep it simple, forget about the butter. 
Without even peeling back the husks to check, relying on complete faith that my ears contain crisp perfect rows of kernels underneath the silk and husks, I soak these babies in cold water for 15-30 minutes. Oh, and make sure your gas grill is at 350-400 degrees.
When the grill is heated up and ready, I simply place the soaked corn ears, in their original complete packaging, right on the grate. Cover and let cook.
Let's keep on 400.

After a 5 minutes, open the lid, rotate the ears of corn half way and close the lid again.
Light grill marks should start appearing when you rotate.
Keep rotating and shutting the grill lid every few minutes until all sides are nicely charred. 15-20 minutes total time.
When the husks are nicely charred on all sides, like this, remove the corn from the grill.
The corn will cool down quickly once it removed from the heat. Start peeling back the husks, layer by layer immediately. Do not let the corn sit in the husks. Trust me.
Underneath the husks, will be the silk. Grab the silk bunch firmly at the end and carefully peel off. The silk will come off smoothly if the corn is still hot.
Piece of cake, see?! So clean!
My kids believe that only 3 toppings or needed for fabulous corn: tons of lime, salt and pepper.