Thursday, May 19, 2011

Atlantis Casino Resort in Bahamas - early cocktails and cigars island style ;)

It was a 3-day conference for PF in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort. Breaks between meetings involved sipping cocktails and consuming enormous amounts of premium shellfish. I could get used to these work conferences...  ;')
Sunny, humid, glorious!
Some incredible men. Yay, PF spirit!
Seafood Cocktail Bar.  Chilled dungeness crab claws, lobster tails, colossal shrimp and all the fixings. There were at least 3 stations of giant ice trays packed with meaty unkosher goodness.

Add some citrus diced love...
Fresh hand-rolled cigars, island style.
Puff puff the magic dragon...
Aquatic magic all over the Atlantis grounds...
The key-note was Youngme Moon who wrote the book, "DIFFERENT: Escaping the Competitive Herd." (Sadly, "DIFFERENT" was not that different.)
Atlantis, an artificial paradise built for Disneyland crowds.

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