Friday, April 29, 2011

Red Iguana in Salt Lake City

I think I must have driven past Red Iguana a million times on the way to the Salt Lake City Airport (via North Temple). Its red-yellow dive front seemed to overflow with white Caucasian business suits at lunch hour. I never would have walked in if it weren't for Houston Davidson (lover of music and all things Spanish, Mexican and Portuguese) who adamantly loves Red Iguana. 
Chips and Salsa.  Complimentary and addicting! We finished the chips immediately and regretfully.
Side of Fried Plantain, $1.75.  The plantains were amazingsugary sweet, cinnamony, dense, flavorful. Wow, but wazzup with the whipped cream and cherry on top?!
Poblano Plate, sour cream chicken enchilada, taco a la iguana, beef tostada, guacamole, $12.45.  Yes, it's unadventurous, but...BUT, when trying out a new restaurant (Mex or not), it is wise to have a safety dish (insurance dish...) and this was it. The guacamole was the best guac I've ever had. The enchilada sauce was super tasty and reminiscent of Chinese sweet 'n sour. Tostada was crunchy and comforting.
Mole Poblano, puebla's beloved mole, guajillo & ancho dried chiles, peanuts, sesame seeds, salnuts, raisins, bananas, mexican chocolate, tossed with turkey, $15.70.  This was actually one of the items I was instructed to order via text from Houston. Unusual and fabulous flavor! This mole was prepared with turkey, not my favorite protein/poultry. They even wedged in some plantains as garnish (YUM!!!).
The mole came with the standard side trio of rice, refried beans and tortillas. Very good, particularly the beans.
Hongos al Ajillo, mushrooms sauteed with garlic, butter, white wine, crushed red chile, $6.55.  UNREAL! Garlicky, buttery, spicy, rich and decadent. I would have been perfectly happy with just these hongos simmering in a pool of butter. ORDER THIS!!!
Horchata.  Quench that thirst, kay? YUM.
Sweet call, Houstonit was killer awesome. Portions were enormous and everything tasted even better reheated the next day. Can't wait to try the other moles and all the other dishes on the menu!

Red Iguana
(801) 322-1489
736 West North Temple\
Salt Lake City, 84116
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lugano Italian Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Years ago when we first moved to Utah, we were die-hard regulars of Lugano along with an entourage of wine-lovers from Park City. We always left feeling so smart and savvy, getting with the latest scoop on wine, fish and local produce from the fabulous Greg Neville, owner and chef

Suddenly, Lugano evolved into a top choice venue and catering service for all private functions. I can't remember how, when or why we stopped coming (at least a year). I was suddenly reminiscing and craving their spicy clams, cauliflower spaghetti and fresh ravioli. Bro and I pulled into Lugano for an early bite.

Complimentary bread, butter and olives. Resist stuffing yourself with the chewy awesome crusty bread and herby olives. 
Mixed Field Greens, blue cheese crostini, balsamic vinaigrette, $7.  The salad was nothing exceptional. That blue cheese smear was toxic.
Woodburning Oven Mussels, wine broth, pesto, grilled garlic toast, $16.  In the past I religiously ordered Lugano's Clams but decided to change it up a bit with Brobad move ;'( Our mussels sat in a mellow mild pesto sauce. The clams come in a claypot loaded with spicy, curry, garlicky, red broth and topped off with a wicked cucumber-radish-avocado tapenade and lemon wedges. If you like punch and kick in your bite, you must order the Manila Clams (and avoid the mussels!).
Spaghetti, Napa Cabbage, pancetta, cauliflower, olive oil, ricotta salata, chili flakes, $15.  Last minute, I asked for housemade tagliatelle noodles instead of hard spaghettianother wrong move ;'( To be fair, they did warn me that there would be less total pasta if we went with the fresh noodles, but they should have readjusted with amount of pancetta. It so way too salty we were guzzling water. The cauliflower (star ingredient) and napa cabbage were sugary sweet and sort of helped, but the gobs of bacon just oozed salt.
Chicken Ricotta Ravioli, $18.  The raviolis were awesome as expected. Can't go wrong with the ravioli here, ever. Light and bold.
(801) 412-9994
3364 South 2300 East
Salt Lake City, 84109
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breakfast at sherain's


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flying Sumo Sushi in Park City

We took Max alone (without his siblings!) to Flying Sumo for a sushi birthday dinner out.

TOKYO NACHOS, $17.  This one's a little pricey, but I guess every now and then you can splurge on gyoza chips loaded with yummy mix of textures. Super spicy tuna topped with tobiko and spicy mayo. Cool the fire with some wasabi quac.     
TEMPURA SHRIMP ROLL, $7.  Max's favorite is the tempura fried anything in a roll. Can't go wrong with crunchy shrimp, avocado, cucumber and eel sauce.
MISO SOUP, $3.  Hot brothy miso, tofu, seaweed. Standard, nothing extraordinary.
HAMACHI NIGIRI, $7.  Yellowtail was clean and delicious.
SURF & TURF ROLL, $14.  Tempura fried roll of steak and crab, wasabi mayo, eel sauce. Over-the-top, heavy and weird (and even gross to some), but little boys love it. That eel sauce.
TEMPURA VEGGIE ROLL.  Every roll tastes better with some extra crunch? Kids like crunch.
HALF PIPE BIRTHDAY DESSERT!  Tempura banana, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, cinnamon, whipped cream. Where did they get Half Pipe? It was way too big, crazy, scary and sloppy. Happy Birthday Max!
Uncle Brian presents Max with the iPod nano and two nano watch bands in true blue and black. Way slick!
Flying Sumo is a fun local choice spot for families with kids at that early dinner hour. Later on it becomes a hip hang-out for locals and everyone else. Prices are steep, yes, but it's standard Park City sushi prices ;'/
When we get home the siblings all show up for more candles on our favorite birthday cake, Cold Stone ice-cream cake in MMMMint Chip. YUMMY! We love you to death, Max! xoxo
Flying Sumo Sushi
(435) 649-5522
838 Park Avenue
Park City, 84060
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