Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eggs over rice, always delicious.

So, I am starving in bed at midnight and can't sleep. What to do? I know people (like, our houseguests) who grab a Skinny Cow, a banana or even beef jerky. I always (well, almost always) crave eggs over rice. With 3 Zojirushi rice-cookers set up in the kitchen next to the toaster, there will be a fresh batch of either jasmine or sushi rice waiting at any hour!
I have a habit of dabbing some fish sauce, Three Crabs Brand, in almost EVERYTHING. Think of fish sauce as an intense liquid salt with an explosion of yummy je ne sais quoi. Extra Light Olive Oil (from Costco, of course) is stocked in the house so we cook everything in it.
Global brand knives RULE! I use this particular little chef knife for everything (practically). It is the perfect size for fast chopping, slicing and GARLIC SMASHING (pan-roasted sweet garlic chunks, yum!). Awesome knife.
Scallions, of course. (The vibrant green always solves the problem of ugly-looking food.)
On high heat, pour a generous (not too much, as we are not deep-frying) amount of olive oil and coat pan. Add mushrooms and garlic to brown. Drizzle a tiny bit of fish sauce, about 1 teaspoon into the mushrooms. Salt and pepper (and a pinch of sugar if you are feeling crazy). When things look like they're caramelizing, add egg and scallion. One should be in the frame of mind of Chinese wok stir-fry, fast and very very hot.
I usually do a quick flip to ensure the whites are cooked (and yolk wet). Slide this gorgeously messy over-easy scramble onto a hot fresh lump of rice. Salt, pepper (Maggi, maybe?) and, finally, pour on sesame seeds.
The most delicious part comes next. Breaking the yolk. Yolk sauce over....omg SO GOOD.


  1. okay, i could eat this for every meal! have you had and egg on pizza before? j and i did one at ss with prosciutto, tons of arugula, and egg on top - amazing.

  2. you confuse me...aren't you vegetarian?! do you eat eggs or not?!

  3. I just made eggs over brown rice (my favorite) and this dish was magnificent. Thank you so much for your guidance. I had a ball and loved every bite. I used King Oyster and Enoki mushroooms and added gray squash that I found in this amazing Korean humongous supermarket. Many of the things in this store stymied me as I had no idea what they were and the staff didn't speak enough English for me to find out. I used all your ingredients and then some. I also used minced fresh ginger and a dab of sesame oil to the olive oil. Besides fish sauce I also used hoison sauce. I bought seafood pancakes and added a bit of that- sooo good. There were so many different types and colors of sesame seeds but I bought the roasted and hulled white variety. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this masterpiece but alas you just have to trust me that it was fabulous. I have enough for another meal or two. I saw the tapioca but there was large and small pearls and it was too confusing. Thank you again.. I can't wait for another lesson. My biggest regret is they didn't have Dragon fruit. I want that and will keep looking.