Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mazza at 15th & 15th

My younger bro just bought a house in Sugarhouse down the street from that cute little intersection of 1500 South 1500 East, known by locals as 15th&15th. 
We decided to go to Mazza located directly across the street from Caputos. A storm was threatening our patio dining so we moved inside.
Unlike the Mazza at 9th & 9th, the Mazza at 15th&15th is modest and modest. I think I actually prefer the younger atmosphere and busy artsy interior of the 9th&9th Mazza.
Falafel, $7.50.  Done classic style with a fried patty of garbanzo and fava beans. Hubby got it with tahini sauce on the side. Delicious.
Shawarma, $8.50.  Beef and lamb, tahini, pickled turnips...I did not like this combination at all ;'( Don't get this!
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