Thursday, January 24, 2013

Javier Plascencia - Chefdance 2013

Chef Javier Plascencia is the owner of the famed Mision 19 restaurant in Tijuana, serving Baja fusion dishes to the Mexican elite. It was a special treat to have Javier back at Chefdance this year to cook up some of the most creative and heavenly Mexican dishes ever.
McCafe. The trendy McCafe counter was located outside the Chefdance doors underneath Park City Live. Here, guests were given the opportunity to sample an array of fancy espresso drinks and delicious Starbucks knockoffs. McCafe is a line of specialty coffee drinks offered at McDonald's in the U.S.
Reception drinks by Snake Oil Cocktail Co.
Red Touch Media Lounge and unlimited free downloads!

Roasted Winter Squash. The flavors and textures found on this plate were brilliant. Crispy plantains, beans, root vegetables, crunchy kale on top of an incredible puddle of mole coloradito (red Oaxacan mole). Crazy good.
Chef Shawn McClain of Sage Restaurant at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas with Mimi Kim Griswold.
The night was packed with an impressive crowd of celebrities, industry people and important Sundancers, including the cast and crew of the Sundance premiere movie Breathe In directed by Drake Doremus, starring Guy Pierce and Felicity Jones. Paris Hilton and Lil Jon were sitting at the end of our table :)
"MorningStar Farms" Meatballs. These fake meatballs were drenched in tomatillo salsa, roasted feta cheese, chile de arbol and pepita. Hubby, a devoted pescetarian, went berzerk for this. Flavors were intense, spicy, unusual and fabulous.
Kenny Griswold fell in love with the meatballs too and handed the mic over to Chef Javier Plascencia who gave a warm speechViva Mexico!
Sous Vide Black Cod. This was a meticulous cod presentation. Ridiculously delicate, buttery cod coated with charred cauliflower on a bed of fermented masa with huitlacoche and to-die-for wild mushrooms garnished with pea tendril. Ambitious and outstanding.
Stage Kiss. Snake Oil Cocktail Co. pairing featuring Tequila Don Julio, pressed blood orange, date-agave preserve, kiss of cayenne, dry soda. Awesome and spicy.
Greg Holden performed an awesome acoustic set during and after dinner. Greg is best known for co-writing the song Home with Drew Pearson which was Phillip Phillip's coronation song on American Idol (season 11).
Hostess with the mostess Mimi Kim and Greg Holden.

"Capirotada" Salty Crumble. Spicy, rich, nutty and sickeningly sweet and addicting. Burnt milk and piloncillo (Mexican brown sugar) ice cream. Oh, wow.
Jorge D'Garay and Javier Plascencia. What an outstanding evening. Javier's cooking style is in-your-face big and bold, incredibly delicious Mexican flavors you never would have imagined. Make sure you find your way to Mision 19 in Tijuana ASAP!
Upstairs, Wynn Las Vegas took over Park City Live.
Afrojack killed it with the sickest show at Sundance that involved... champagne wars!!!
Dozens of bright gold bottles of Armand de Brignac kept coming out to fuel a night of champagne wars that left everyone on main floor soaked and splashed in delicious bubbly. Seriously, we were soppy wet!  The crowd started to appear in plastic ponchos. Crazy! Check out some video footage of the insane champagne showers here.

Conveniently and conspicuously located near the exit was this contemporary wall mount breathalizer machine. Nice. Let's see how this guy does.
Guess who I spotted leaving the Sky Lodge the next morning?!
Dang It Delicious Salt Lake City restaurants

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