Tuesday, August 2, 2011

impromptu house party with friends

It was one of those beautifully chill evenings with inspiring friends, epic conversations, fantastic wines and sensational high quality food. Kick off the evening with classic nibble apps and a few vino pairing instructions from our favorite wine snob, Patrick! 
Grilled Marinated Flank Steak.  It was one of those perfect grillin' days. Char it up medium rare, please!
Grilled Miso Cedar Plank Salmon and Halibut.  Can you taste it?!
Spiced Rub Ahi Steaks.  Nothing is complete without some rare seared ahi.
Dinner is served!
Easy, easy, tasty, amazing. Flank steak, rare and medium pieces soaked in yummy juices.
Ahi Steaks were perfect mini portions for grab and go. They were seared perfectly on the grill for a medium rare center.
Grilled Soy Honey Chicken Breast.  Flavorful and moist. Organic chickens contain the best flavor.
Grilled Local Corn.  Utah corn is the best, especially when you get them fresh and tight, ready for grillin'.
Asparagus Spears.
Arugula Walnuts Figs Raspberries Parm in a Ginger Vinaigrette.  Can anything be better than a perfectly flavored textured salad containing all the best stuff?! Ripe figs burst with unreal sugar. Laurie makes the most fabulous salads.
Enchanted Mushroom by Vosges Haute Chocolat.  This was rich, dark, shroomy, nutty. Make sure you sip your favorite red with a bite of this.
Mo's Dark Bar by Vosges Haute Chocolat.  Bacon chocolate. What do I really think? It was AWESOME.
Cherish all those brilliant moments with good friends and fabulous food...xo

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