Sunday, August 28, 2011

Liberty Heights Fresh

Egg Salad Sandwich.  Not sure what possessed me to get this versus all the other exotic meaty selections. This was lacking flavor, easily fixed with some salt. Knowing that everything was farm fresh encouraged me to appreciate it. I should have gotten the meat sandwiches.
Slaw.  Standard ingredients sliced and diced beautifully, flavored deliciously. Cabbage, apple cider vinegar, honey coriander...
"Three Little Pigs" Salami Sandwich.  One the best concoctions out there. THE BEST! Crusty baguette, crazy sauce, amazing rich cheese, crunchy romaine, grilled artichoke, sun dried tomato.... Textures are unreal.
Razor thin slices of salami are packed with salty madness. Unbelievable.
I just love this title, especially all typed out with quotation marks :)
Turkey Soup.  I've had their chicken noodle soup in the past, but turkey is completely a different piece of poultry. I am not a fan of turkey :(
Surprisingly, there was very little flavor and desperately screamed for salt and pepper. Maybe it was an effort to go low-sodium. Regardless of our complaints, we still felt the good vibes of local organic nourishment and guzzled it down as if it were medicine.

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