Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breakfast Buffet for Kids :) ...and Snoopy reruns

Kids eat SO much at sleep-overs, slumber parties, overnighters...which means...WAY too much fun for me! I always look forward to the morning after BREAKFAST SPREAD!! Last weekend's spread was a big hit. The dvd selection was Snoopy reruns.
Here is what I put out...a few timeless favorites:
(1) Berries: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries (straight berries, no added sugar)
(2) French Toast & Maple Syrup: soaked in eggs-soymilk-cinnamon-sugar-salt, seared in olive oil (no butter)
(3) Eggwhites w/Scallion & Plain Eggwhites: cooked in olive oil with salt, pepper, maggi, sesame seeds on the side
(4) Jasmine Rice
(5) Semolina Bread w/Sesame: toasted with butter and jam
(6) Drink is water and soymilk
It is critical to build a child's palate, nurture it with fresh natural flavors and textures. Berries galore... This plate would last us the entire day, btw.
French toast made with sweet challah bread is the BEST. Cook them in strips so the kids don't waste large pieces or get overwhelmed. This way, they can go back for seconds to mingle:) Below is a tray of single serving bowls of maple syrup. These 1 inch Chinese teacups are perfect portion control size, super cute and practical.
Eggwhites rule. (The egg dish above COULD have been prettier and could use some garnish, but I was rushing, okay!) One dozen eggs separated, whites only (toss the yolk or save to make gnocchi). Cook half the eggwhites in just olive oil. Cook the other half in scallions and olive oil. Leave out condiments (kids LOVE adding toppings): bottle of Maggi (a version of soy sauce sold at most grocery stores in the asian section), pepper and sesame seeds in black and toasted. Scoop rice out ahead of time in perfect-size mini bowls (IKEA) ready to grab. Cover the rice bowls with foil until serving to prevent the rice from drying out. The girls LOVE eggwhites, rice and all the condiments.
My current bread obsession: Semolina bread with sesame seeds from Costco. (Two loaves for $4.45.) Semolina bread is chewy and dense with a hard crust, oh yum. Slice them thick, pop into the toaster, then spread with butter and jam. Can't go wrong with this one - big hit! They are still chewy and moist when they cool down (vs turn rock hard). These make delectable after school snacks. Save left-overs in plastic and reheat in the toaster the next day - still delicious!
Pictures are worth a THOUSAND words, right? At risk of sounding annoyingly redundant (if you've read previous recipes...okay, AND some laziness on my part, hmm...) the following are a handful of sequential pics in the order of...(1) french toast, (2) eggwhites-scallion and (3) the fantastic semolina bread from Costco:

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