Saturday, March 20, 2010

NAVEL ORANGES! (juicy...sticky...yummy...sweetie...cutie:)

Oranges are divine, especially the NAVEL ORANGE. I love the name! Spherical, zesty, citrus...naturally sweet and juicy, these guys earned their name solely on the visual likeness to the human navel (sorta risqué, no?), the BELLYBUTTON! Oh, WAY cute is the navel orange:)

I have childhood memories of my mother relentlessly cutting fruit (ALL types), particularly oranges. She pushed fruit on me in a very "from-the-old-country" kind of way preferring always the fresh and natural. We juiced ALL THE TIME, continuously squeezing oranges (and drinking all that juice!) and regularly upgrading our little push-down electric juicer due to over-use. As expected, I was rebellious, quietly longing instead for canned fruit in heavy sugary syrup and store-bought OJ from all the TV commercials, begging to eat like all the other "American kids."
My childhood experiences and habits came full-circle when I became a MOM. Now I find myself inadvertently imitating my mother's ways! I rarely, if ever, buy store-bought pasteurized orange juice and seem to compulsively stock tons of fresh oranges (and tons of other fruit too!) to juice and cut up for my kids and their friends.
Anyway, the BEST snack at snack time is orange, the NAVEL orange, YES! Cut off the top and bottoms, then peel off the skin cutting from top to bottom along a curve exposing the pulp. Then cut down the side avoiding the center (similar to an apple cut) and cut into bite-size pieces. No need to worry about membrane...texture!
The three bowls took four total oranges. Juicy, healthy, refreshing, nourishing and filled with vitamins! Give the kids a fork and everyone stays sticky-free:) Kids LOVE this. My kids had cut-up oranges all week long.

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