Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Takashi in Salt Lake

TAKASHI, 18 West Market Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, 801-519-9595.
I am ALWAYS lobbying to go here. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, the atmosphere is hip and urban and the food is consistently FANTASTIC. What an eclectic crowd though. One minute the place is packed with tattooed-pierced vegans, next minute it's all men in expensive business suits. Oh, and at that weird late dinner hour, you're suddenly seated in a section filled with provocative sassy ladies (you know, the kind with freshly ironed hair, sparkling eye make-up, ultra short shorts and stilettos!)...
The prices are very reasonable (dirt cheap next to Park City's sushi prices), so it's definitely worth the drive down I-80 for a meal, or a snack or whatever! 
Strawberry Fields Roll is a deal (actually, a STEAL!) at $7 or $8: strawberries, hamachi, spicy mayo inside seaweed, rice and toasted almonds. I love how they lay low on the mayo here with just a light spicy smear. I LOVE this roll.
King Kong Roll is a unique assembly of tempura banana (Yep, BANANA!), tuna, salmon and rice wrapped in seaweed - OMG. It isn't part of the regular menu. Ever since this roll was listed on the chalkboard as a special a few years ago, I religiously request it each time. Must warn you that they don't always carry bananas since it (banana) is kept around as ripening tool for avocados. Tempura fried banana...who'd a thunk it?! Each bite is sugary and fresh. I crave this roll. CRAVE!
Summit Roll with salmon (it's a personal choice to sub the crab with salmon) is a riceless, no-carb roll containing tobiko, tuna and salmon wrapped in cucumber sheets, topped with a grated ginger sauce and chili slices. The fresh crisp cucumber wrap is refreshing and crunchy (ooh la la) with a kicky sauce. This dish always comes with a snazzy artsy garnish (it's simple tonight) depending on the sushi chef. Awesome flavors. Remember to order it.
Sablefish Nigiri will rock your world. Seriously. A gorgeous slice of cod is placed on rice, nigiri style, then torched (TORCHED! Love anything torched!) and topped with minced garlic and scallion. Drizzle ponzu. Each bite is exquisite... super buttery, smooth, rich and complex. Torched black edges make it smoky and INTENSE. Okay, this one is REALLY my absolute favorite!
Peachy Salmon Roll. I made up that name...the real name escapes me, but at quick glance, it is topped with peach, salmon and chilis. I try to order at least one unknown at each Takashi visit. It obviously did not make an impression, so I rate that as good, but not CRAZY good. That plate to the left is what remains of a generous portion of Asparagus, Shitake and Glass Noodles in addicting sauce. (When I went with Cindy and Diana, they practically LICKED the bowl. Sheesh!) Couldn't even snag a picture, we ate it so fast.
Gyoza with pork. These were light and amazing. Can't go wrong with gyoza. Warning: spicy!
For dessert we had coconut and green tea gelato and a pot of tea. I love ending a meal with ice cold ice-cream, oops, I mean gelato. Ah, another fantastic Takashi meal. Yes, the theme here is...fruity sushi. Fabulous fruity sushi.

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