Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yogurtland...and The Cheesecake Factory at The Grove

We are obsessed with Yogurtland. I know, so typical, but can't help it. We are obsessed with this tarty frozen yogurt! M and I were in Los Angeles and needed to grab snacks and shop for toy essentials before dinner with friends. We hit Yogurtland, Kidrobot, Tokidoki, Golden Apple Comics and The Cheesecake Factory. It was a super happy productive day :)
The Yogurtland stores are always clean and inviting. Hello Kitty and Miffy window clings rule.
Cool metal interior signage and classy mosaic tile walls add that perfect slick, upscale, clean appeal. Love this look. (It is so tempting to get my own franchise.)
Street patio heaters and lime green umbrellas are nice touches out front on La Brea.
Junky fabulous toppings galore get the kids hooked.
I prefer the fruity nutty ones, of course.
Samples galore make it so fun and indecisive. Decisions, decisions.
M's fab tarty yogurt concoction ended up with a high pile of sugar and spice.
And topped off with some berries.
Yes, we rule! You rule! We all rule!
What?! One pound+.
Yogurtland happy girl :)
Then we hit Melrose Avenue for some shopping. First up, Kidrobot.
We love colorful vinyl and plastic.
Then...Tokidoki down the street.
Then some reading material at...Golden Apple Comics.
Time to grab a light snack and more shopping at one our favorite outdoor malls, The Grove.
We decide on a classic chain, The Cheesecake Factory, expecting a lovely outdoor table on the deck with a view.
We can't believe how good fresh squeezed OJ is on a day like this!
I still need to wake up with awesome iced coffee. Black.
Lettuce Wraps.  Refreshing, delightful, crisp, delicious.
Beet Salad.  Fresh, fresh, fresh.
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