Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Copper Onion in Salt Lake City

I love new restaurants! We went to The Copper Onion for the first time with a big group led by Jody last Saturday night after a lecture at the SLC Library. It was super late, crowded, loud, dark, hip and delicious! I couldn't wait to return for lunch hour with Laine to pig out and catch up. We arrived starving and ordered...
sauteed mushrooms* fried farm egg, potato sticks, parsley, garlic, $8, griddled asparagus* preserved lemon aioli, $4
Fave! Chewy wild mushrooms, crispy sticks, garlicky yolk... This was AMAZING. I am totally copying this dish and making it at home.
meatball sandwich* beef and veal meatballs, red sauce, iceberg slaw and snap peas* horseradish, garlic, together for $9
shishito peppers* olive oil, sea salt, $4
wagyu hanging tender steak skewers* with thrice-cooked french fries and roasted onions, $16
I've never had Shishito Peppers prepared like this - yummy, crisp, beautiful, tasty. The Meatball Sandwich was ridiculously enormous, hearty and delish! Steak was heavenly, charred at all right places. Everything was absolutely delicious (no screw-ups!), so light and fresh. Thrilled about this new hot spot for lunches and chic dinners in SLC. (FYI: The 1-hour metered parking was hellish.)

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