Monday, April 26, 2010

MOCHI, berries, mint...perfect finish

Mochi, mochi, mochi...MOCHI ICE-CREAM! Mochi ice-cream are highly addictive delicious ice-cream balls covered in a chewy layer of sticky rice cake (and generously patted with flour to keep from sticking to everything). The mochi ice-cream BITE is like no other. The outer layer is ultra dense, chewy and flavorless, and the center filling is frozen cold ice-cream bursting with flavor! In a very roundabout way, one could call mochi ice-cream the "Asian cream puff?" Nah, nevermind, doesn't even come close. 
I have not bothered to even attempt making these. You can typically find mochi ice-cream at Japanese restaurants, Trader Joe's and Japanese markets. Can you believe how ecstatic I was when I discovered them neatly stacked in the freezer aisle at Costco in Salt Lake City?! No really, you have NO idea. (I know, I've been called a Costco-freak.) Costco sells the Mikawaya brand, which is a Japanese company based in Los Angeles, for $9.69 a box. In one box, you get a total of 18 mochis (so many!) - 6 strawberry, 6 chocolate and 6 vanilla - the best of the yummiest, classic, can't-ever-go-wrong flavors. My kids and hubby were in HEAVEN when I surprised them at dessert:) 

I won't tell you how many boxes I bought.... 
Just count on the Japanese to always do the packaging right. Love the box. Cute design.
A total of 18 mochi balls per box...6 vanilla, 6 chocolate, 6 strawberry. I love variety!
Since these little suckers are SO darn chewy and frozen in the middle, be sure to cut them in half or quarters when serving. They are usually eaten with fork, toothpick or fingers. Luckily, I had fresh berries and mint leaves in the fridge to plate them with. There is NOTHING more delectable than a bite of mochi ice-cream with a fresh crisp mint leaf. Omg, HEAVEN!
Serve immediately while the ice-cream center is frozen solid. (FYI: The combination of chewy rice cake and MELTED ice-cream is just too sloppy and mushy to deal with.)
Take small delicate bites. Rumor has it that once upon a time, an unprepared, unwarned mochi-eater (unwarned of the extent of crazy chewiness), actually CHOKED on mochi. So tragic, UGH! So, remember to take it slow and chew thoroughly before you swallow!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE MOCHI!! Does it still exist at Costo?! I recognize that you wrote this 2 1/2 year ago, but miracles can happen!!!!!