Monday, November 1, 2010

HooRooRook Ramen Noodles!

This is the 'healthy,' light, high-end ramen. While your typical ramen noodles are fried and loaded with MSG, HooRooRook contains no MSG and the noodles are not fried! I picked a variety of new ramens from Oriental Food Market (667 South 700 East) in Salt Lake.
When Jane stopped by to drop off my dishes (left over from her fabulous Halloween bash!) she walked right into an impromptu HooRooRook tasting :)

ALWAYS dress up your noodle bowl. In the fridge, I found a bundle of Asian greens, big crimini mushrooms and some scallion whites. Cut the mushrooms into quarters and the greens and scallion into 2-3" segments.
Rinse, peel, devein and butterfly a handful of medium-large prawns.
Boil 3-4 cups of water in a deep little pot. First, add mushroom for about a minute. Then add the greens and scallion for almost another minute. Add the dry noodles, all the seasoning packets and the shrimp at the same time. Let everything boil until the noodles begin to unravel, less than 1 minute. The shrimp will curl and turn an opaque bright orange. Immediately turn off the heat, pour into a serving bowl and ENJOY!
YUMMY! Jane loved the lightness of the noodles and definitely got the healthy vibe from the first bite. Next time I would add some chili peppers for a little kick. Like a delicate angel hair pasta, you don't want to overcook it but leave it hardish al dente.

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  1. i had some of these noodles today, and they were delicious! your photos look great!