Sunday, November 7, 2010


What drew us into Tartinery was the sleek and modern architecture that was visible from the street - metal grid over exposed brick, open stairway and glimpses of a tall tree growing in the middle of a high-ceiling dining room. The main entry is striking - raw concrete counters, theater lighting and floor-to-ceiling black chalkboard featuring the menu handwritten in white chalk.
TARTINERY, 209 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012, 212-300-5838
Located in Nolita, French-owned Tartinery specializes in gastronomical tartines - French open-faced sandwiches served on their exclusive Poilane rustic bread. Not in the mood for what we considered to be fancy heavy carbs, we dropped in for just a cocktail. Oh, and they also function as a full-service juice bar and coffeejoint! Great music.

(The Ls take a break from shopping... cheeeeeeese :)
(1) Peach Sakejito, $11.  Laurie loves anything sake.
(2) Sancerre, Sylvain Bailly, Loire Valley, $12.  Pour moi: Sancerre by the glass!
Fabulous impromptu drop-in. We will definitely come back for a tartine-carb-overload. How can one resist dishes like: "Foie Gras Tartines - homemade duck fois, sea salt, fig jam"... "Tartare Tartines - finely chopped raw beef, onions, capers, eggyolk, dijon, worcestershire, parsley"...etc., etc.

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