Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Garden Cafe at The Grand America...breakfast buffet

If you are in the mood for something beautiful, fancy and delicious, check out The Garden Cafe at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Don't bother with the menu because the Breakfast Buffet is really the only the way to go.
First trip to the buffet... yogurt parfait, sausage, fruit, cold cuts, french toast, lox and capers, oatmeal. Expect the Garden Cafe to carry every possible breakfast-type of food.
Second trip to buffet... more mortadella, fresh fruit, lox, oatmeal and an impressive eggwhite omelet. All the food was good and the cut fruit stayed crisp, not stale.
The omelet station had no line! The eggwhite omelet was most impressivelight, fluffy, intensely flavorful and perfectly cooked! Eggwhites were tossed in spinach, onion, tomato and garlic. 
Hubby ate buckets of fruit and berries.
LOVE our Grand America room...
Textiles galore! Perfectly balanced palate of stripes, florals and patterns adorn the curtains, walls, chairs, sofas, cushions...
Open some double French doors to the bedroom.
Stripey wallpaper, fancy white crown molding, gold framed matted pictures of bouquets, very Jane Austen-esque.
Heavy and smooth bathrobes await. Sweet.
Bedtime chocolates.
Every corner find more wallpaper patterns, colors, off-white crown molding, door trim....
Marble floors, counter, bath walls and shower tiles. Love the contrast of rich and bold next to green and white vertical striped wallpaper.
Vanity sink nook is super classy cute. Pink wallsseriously?!
Okay, check out the green floral carpet hitting the white floor trim, then striped pink wallpaper. Insane! Sick!
White-grey marble, clean white grout, brass accessoriesall in sparkling condition. 
Dig the wallpaper hitting the marble?!
Hold upcurtain meets wallpaper, base molding and carpet!
555 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Reservations 1-800-304-8696
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