Monday, June 6, 2011

Takashi in Salt Lake City

Last Saturday's matinee showing of Les Miserables at the Capitol Theater with Janice was refreshing and brilliant! Impressive grand sets, solid performances, fab orchestra, epic voices, particularly the ones belonging to the actors playing the beautiful Eponine and adorable boy soprano Gavroche. I love this story.
After the spectacular 3 hour Les Mis, I picked up Michelle from the airport and met up with our hubbies at Takashi. Hot sake and yummy times!
Pork Gyoza.  Light, tangy and meaty. Delicious dumplings.
Summit Roll.  If you can't handle spicy, warn your server to ask the sushi guys to tone it down. This is a seriously awesome riceless roll containing salmon, tuna, avocado, tobiko, avocado and drowned in ginger dressing. Mandatory must order!
Sablefish Nigiri.  Torched black cod, garlic and scallion just melts, MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH!
King Kong Roll.  A Takashi fruity classic original combines tempura banana, tobiko, salmon. Another favorite.
Strawberry Fields.  Takashi's signature fruity rolls include something as fabulous as this: hamachi, strawberries, chili, almonds. Spicy, sweet, rich and calming.
Toro Caviar Truffle Oil.  Serious decadence in every single bite. Omg.
Steak and BBQ Rice.  Spiced steak is served with Asian pesto, tempura veggies with dip and a cookie cut-out of grilled bbq rice. Flavorful and seared perfectly medium rare. The pesto dip is unreal.
Traditional Edamame.  Serious comfort food with chunky salt.

Mango Mousse.  Dense and creamy, not your typical Japanese item.
Panna Cotta.  The special Asian infused panna cotta and poached pear. Incredible texture.
Sorbet and Sesame Cracker.  Can't remember the flavor, but so yummy!
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