Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yamato Sushi in Park City

Yamato is the new sushi joint that took over the old Blind Dog location in Prospector! Come while the sale is still onit's half off all rolls and nigiri! Houston was in town for a few days from college and we had the rare privilege of witnessing him (and brother Brett) in a spectacular hilarious verbal battle debate over the essence of a college education and some other multifaceted stuff including random observations of life. Yes, it was a deep and heavy night, and very appropriate over sushi. Ruth and Phil did the INSANE ordering. 
Poki-Tuna.  Ruth called this one. Perfect cubic bites of joy...big-eye tuna, sugary sweet mango, soft ripe avocado tossed with coarse grounds of Hawaiian pink salt explosions. Great flavors, awesome textures, beautiful start.
WAY too many rolls to keep track of. Phil kept ordering and platters kept coming.
Wasatch, $10.99.  Salmon, yellowtail, cucumber, tobiko, spicy aioli. Yummy and saucy.
Heart Attack, $14.99.  They had hardcore names for the rolls. Albacore tuna, jalapeno roll, tempura fried, topped iwth eeal sauce and wasabi aioli. Delicious, crunchy with extra kick.
Sweet Jesus, $15.99.  Salmon, cucumber, topped with yellow tail, jalapeno, yuzu miso. My favorite combination of textures, flavors, spice and freshness. Yes, daring names for the rolls. You HAVE to get this one for the table.
Lunatic, $12.99.  Escolar, albacore, tempura jalapeno, tiger lilly sauce. Crazy, crunchy and fab. Lunatic! Ahhh!
Spicy Tuna Roll, $8.99.  Tuna, cucumber, sprout, spicy aioli. Classic, basic, spendid.
Salmon Skin Roll.  The salty crunch of the salmon skin was awesome! This was one of the top 3 for sure. Sharp crispy salmon skin and creamy avocado was crazy good!
Can't remember what this one was. Phil ordered many repeats as we inhaled roll after roll, consuming enormous amounts of sushi...
Another mystery roll. After the 20th roll, it was a blur of crazy names, ridiculous deliciousness and insightful philosophical (and hilarious) Houston-Brett talk.
Spicy Tuna, $8.99.  Gorgeous. Perfect bites of tuna, cucumber, sprout, spicy aioli.
Heart Attack, $14.99.  Albacore tuna, jalapeno roll tempura fried, eel sauce, wasabi aioli. I remember at least a few of these coming out. Call it like it is! Yum! :)
Another no-namer. This one was sprinkled with tempura bits and filled with what looks like hamachi and tuna.
Mesa Roll, $11.99.  Mouthwatering. Tempura halibut, cilantro, jalapeno, spicy aioli. The battered halibut burst was delicious. The jalapeno slices were insane. Order this one!
Can't remember, but this looks awesome.
(435) 615-7334
1781 Sidewinder Drive
Park City, UT 84060
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