Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Mango in Sugarhouse

I was relieved and excited when "Red Mango" stores finally started popping up in Utah. It's about time we Utahns joined in on the sour frozen yogurt craze that swept the nation (well, it swept Los Angeles and New York) 5 years ago. The frozen yogurt I speak of is not the generic super-sweetened American fro-yo ice-cream imitation sold at mass-market plebeian places like TCBY, but a slightly sour and tarty tangy frozen yogurt (aka Korean yogurt) sold and packaged to a more sophisticated market. Red Mango along with Pinkberry, Cefiore, Kiwiberry, are all the rage, replacing ice-cream as the healthy, chic and stylish dessert choice.
Right in Sugarhouse on 2100 South next to Lunatic Fringe is a Red Mango yogurt boutique! The line was long filled with an urban hipster crowd and high school kids.
Red and brown accents make up Red Mango modern home design decor.
Rows of awesome toppings include fresh berries, fruit, yogurt chips, raisons...
Crunchy cereal, nuts and coconut shavings...
They even carry hefty golden tapioca balls.
Frozen Yogurt Parfait, $4.95.  My favorite! Generous layers of fresh fruit, berries, yogurt chips between ice-cold frozen yogurt and topped off with granola. To die for!
Seriously incredible flavors. There is no replacement for the sweet flavors and textures of fresh fruit.
This particular parfait took a generous 70% fresh fruit and granola and 30% percent frozen yogurt. YUM!
Red Mango
(801) 484-8821
1511 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
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