Friday, January 20, 2012

Chefdance 2012 Kick-off, Mimi's Birthday!

Mimi's fab foodie birthday party starred Chef Chad White and a crew from San Diego. Meet chefs Flor Franco, Daniel Barron, Jeff Bonilla and Tommy Frailoli.
L to R standing: Daniel Barron, Jeff Bonilla, Chad White, Mimi, Flor Franco, Tommy Fraioli, Barron McAnally
Look for tray pass and platters at the bar kitchen and pool table. So many wizards in the kitchen!
Smoked Sculpin Tzatziki.  So fresh and clean!
Triple Cream and Truffles.  Insane portions of truffles. INSANE.
Shrimp Cocktail.  Bubbly cloud is "salted lemonade air" resting on cubed shrimp and pierced with a plastic dropper filled with clear cocktail sauce. Pick up shrimp by the dropper, insert the shrimp and foam into mouth, squeeze the dropper. Your mouth will fill up with cocktail liquid and flavors. Weird, cool, progressive, etc. Think deconstructed gastro Mr. Chow water dumpling!
Shark Corndogs.  What? Corndogs? It totally works. 
Beef Tenderloin Tobacco Cream.  So awesome I can't even stand it.
Gnocchi Shrimp. 
Snow Sugar RULES!
Snake Oil Cocktail Company.  Shakin', squeezin', mixin'...fresh, fresh, fresh and fabulous...
Kumiai Oyster Shooter & Nitro.  Complete out-of-body experience. Explosive flavors. What happened to the dragon pics of smoke fuming from my nostrils?! Sexiest shot you'll EVER take.
Fois.  Nuff said.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Creameaux.  Seriously...?!
French Toast.  Black pepper lavender foam, caramel, fresh berries, candied pecans...
Crema Shooters & Cotton Candy Pop Rocks.  Delayed in-mouth popping is just so freakin' cool.

Happy Birthday Dessert gastro performance by Chef Daniel Barron. He's whipping up fresh ice-cream for Mimi Kim Griswold! Omg!


  1. Wow! Lisa your photography is amazing and you described everything brilliantly! It certainly was a feast for the eyes and taste buds!


  2. Thanks Holly...what did you think of the "deconstructed shrimp cocktail" and the smokey oyster shooter?! xo