Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chefdance 2012 Night #5: Elio Scanu

Last of Chefdance starred Chef Elio Scanu of Zucca Trattoria in Ogden, Utah. First up, let's visit the crew from the Snake Oil Cocktail Co. manning the fort at the Monkey Bar. The drinks were sensational. Sips of thrilling bubbly art.
Kenny and Mimi introduce Chef Elio Scanu... 
Drake Family Farms Goat Cheese Creme Brulee, Aji Dulce Croquant.  The egg vessel was mounted on a clever puddle of honey. I tried to shoot it up, but the creamy inside wouldn't budge plus I had anxiety about eggshells crumbling into my mouth. Ended up spooning up delicate bites of sweet milky cream. Tons of texture, fantastic flavors, exciting amuse. Delicious start.
Yucca Gnocchi, Oven Roasted New World Bolognese, Chlorophyll & Parmigiano.  Very good with great meaty crunch and delicious salty yucca flavors.
Chef Scanu drew plating diagrams of each course. Cool.
Cascal.  We did a Cascal tasting. Love.
Smoked Sea Bass, Mano & Avocado Salsa Criolla, Taro Root Roesti.  An interesting attempt at progressive chemistry. We squeezed the dropper and detected subtle effects from the red mystery liquid injection. Huge piece of fish, beachy light flavors.
Vegan Dish.  Looks like Israeli couscous, portabella, asparagus...
Ballard Farms Suckling Pig Confit, Shallot Cara Cara Orange Sauce, Tonka Bean Essence, Low Temp Potato Mousseline.  He must have been aiming for height with the interesting plating. Magnificent flavorssugary sweet purple potatoes, tender buttery suckling pig meat, rich flavorful sauce. Totally unusual but fabulous.
Vegan.  A pile of random vegetables...
Smirnoff Presents Death by Chocolate.  Smirnoff Whipped and Smirnoff Fluffed Vodka. That black knot is licorice, so goth!
Mignardisses "Latitude 10" Petit Fours made with Venezuelan Cacao.  Interesting combination and delicious. Love fuschia pink.
Yo, chef.
We all dig Common's dinner scarf. (And I tagged that lit back silver black, btw. See?!)
Park City Live's sick line-up for Sundance 2012.

One Republic live upstairs at Park City Live. They played all the hits and I am crushin' on the cellist ;) 
Yay for girlfriends! Nancy Nichols, Sonya Powell, Hilary Reiter, Rob & Rachel Alday, Nicole Maclaren.

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