Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chefdance 2012 Night #2: Javier Plascencia

Tonight, Chefdance brings the authentic raw flavors of Mexico to the mountains of Park City, Utah! Welcome Chef Javier Plascencia of Mision 19 from Tijuana! Yeah!
Chef Javier Plascencia brings a sassy punch to some sensational Mexican dishes. BAM! Snake Oil Cocktail Co., from San Diego, pairs wicked cocktails featuring Tequila Don Julio Blanco.
Chefdance seats 250 guests, industry people, movie stars, et al underground at 427 Main Street. Thanks to all the awesome sponsors: Summit Sotheby's International Realty, Voss Water, Sorel, Variety, Yogurtland, Snow Sugar, Cascal, Rosenthal Vineyards, Helmet Bandits, Nicholas & Company, Snake Oil Cocktail Co., and all the awesome movie premiers... and... and...
Yellow Fin Tuna Parfait.  (Avocado merengue, lemon gel, charred habanero oil, mex sour cream, chicharron sand, salt cured nopales...) Served in a highball, hence parfait, you needed a long spoon to scrape every luxurious bit (couldn't lick). Each spoonful was to die forbuttery Ahi tossed in creamy, spicy, sour, sweet, crumbly, rich, intense flavors and textures. Don't cheapen it by calling it Mexi tartare! Amazing start. Wow!
"El Jardin Humido" by Snake Oil Cocktail Co.  Tequila Don Julio Blanco, cucumber tomatillo water, jalapeno jam, smoked sea salt. Bite that birds eye at your own risk ;) Made fresh with love by Snake Oil Cocktail Co.
Heirloom Bean Risotto.  (Huitlacoche, black truffle, epazote foam.) Basically, Mexican corn truffles done shroomy risotto style topped off with real black truffle shavings and herby essencevery interesting and beautiful. Love the neon glow of the epazote foam. Imagine spoonfuls of the most luscious richest gourmet mushrooms in the universe. We were actually licking our plates. Spectacular dish.
De Cabeza a Cola.  (Sous vide beef tongue, braised beef cheeks, oxtail mini tamale, dehydrated pipian, oaxacan black mole, spicy carrots.) Hats off to Javier for daring to serve such an ambitious course to our Sundance crowd. This was an adventurespicy, sweet, chewy, succulent, rich. The tongue was tender (versus chewy) and the carrots were al dente sweet and spicy (wish there were more carrots). Tender spiced beef cheeks, tamale and mole were foreign and familiar at the same time with fierce Mexican punch and culture in every bite. Absolutely delicious.
Chefdance creator Mimi Kim Griswold introduces Chef Javier Plascencia. No one else could not have done finer job reppin' for TJ tonight. Flawless evening!
Tijuana Border Churros.  (Mulato chocolate, rompope ice cream, cinnamon cotton candy.) I'm still dreaming about his one. Sugary, salty, crunchy, ice cold and spicy goodness drowning in rich dense chocolate. And SPICY! So awesome.
The hunky Chef Javier Plascencia...
Redfoo of LMFAO & The Party Rock Crew.  Absolutely insane, inane, ridiculous performance. At first it was crazy. Then it got crazier and then completely mad...


  1. I have had the pleasure to taste the delicious gourmet prepared by the talented Culinary Chef Javier Plascencia. He is incredible, and Mission 19 restaurant is an extraordinary place to experience fine dining

  2. I as SOOO glad you posted this. After a few too many of Snake Oil's concoctions and not taking nearly enough pictures, I was able to relive the amazing night of food from Javier through your photos and blog. Thank you!

  3. Thanks Don. It was so great to eat with you!

  4. Lisa, You take the best photos. I cannot wait till Chefdance 2013...