Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chefdance 2012 Night #3: Hung Huynh

It is Chefdance Night #3 starring Chef Hung Huynh of Catch restaurant in NYC and third season Top Chef winner! Before the dining room doors open, we mingle, hobnob and spy on celebrities and sip glorious cocktails prepared by the mixology crew Snake Oil Cocktail Co. from San Diego...
We are peaking into the open kitchen as Chef Hung Huynh preps the first course.
Third season Top Chef winner Hung Huynh of Catch restaurant in NYC. (Born in Saigon and raised in Massachusetts, he is completely representative of the American dream.)
Chefdancing is so much fun with Don Wilson! Cheers!
Scottish Salmon Carpaccio.  Served with watecress and yuzu-soy. This was exceptional with brilliant flavors. I've never enjoyed salmon like this. The yuzu-soy was perfectly sweet and salty and added an intensely seasoned kick to every bite. The salmon was so fresh, buttery and clean! Brilliant start.
Mai Dickel.  Snake Oil Cocktail Co. paired it with this gorgeous concoction made with George Dickel Whiskey garnished with charred sugary pineapple. Guzzle, guzzle immediately.
Sea Scallops with Cauliflower & Tamarind Brown Butter.  Hard to complain about colossal scallop drowning in tamarind sauce, but every bite screamed for a side of fragrant new crop jasmine rice. The cauliflower illuminated a salty tumeric glow. With no rice in sight, there was no choice but to resort to extra alcohol consumption ;')
Cascal.  More hot trendy Cascal soda cans were then passed out. I think my favorite is the Berry Cassis, mixes of black currant, tangerine and lemon. YUM!
Olive Oil Poached Halibut & Provencale Vegetables.  This enormous portion of halibut was perfectly moist and poachy throughout and the veggies were traditional provencale. Good by any standard, but I had my heart set on bold Asian flavors. (Imagine halibut done Saigon style. Mind-blowing, right?! Just sayin'.)
Apple Strudel with Mascarpone Cream.  This was one heck of an apple strudel. The apples were bursting with superior sugary tart appleness. Pastry was light and crisp. Cream was whipped and perfectly dense.
Apres Chefdance party upstairs for...
Deadmau5 (omg!!) live at Park City Live with opening set by Tommy Lee & DJ Aero and surprise appearance by everyone's fave girl SOFI, brought to us with siiiick affection by Mario Barth KING INK in Las Vegas.
Some of my favorite peeps, Mimi and Snow Sugar Sonya.
Samantha Clayton, Sonya Powell. Girlfriends rule.

SOFI Needs a Ladder!
And there's the ladder with Joel spraying champagne to the house mosh. 
Joel and Sofia kill it. KILL!! Rage against house.

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