Monday, May 24, 2010

Les Deux in Hollywood

I needed to be at Les Deux Hollywood around midnight for Shirley Levi's show, so we decided to stay within proximity for dinner. JhonenV craved Gyu-Kaku on La Cienega, a stylish hotspot Japanese BBQ, but with no rez and the time being 8:45pm, there was a 2 hour wait (come on, it's a Wed night, whuh?!). Regrettably (and only because we were starving at this point), we walked down the street into the only other option, Woo Lae Oak (Korean BBQ) and had one of worst dining experiences EVER. Ew.
Ambiance was loud and ugly with frugal tasteless sides and an inedible salad. A ripoff. Our neglectful waiter even sat us at a window table where we stared resentfully at Gyu-Kaku's happy hip crowd loitering in front directly across the street. Except for the company (crazy art talk), it was SUCH a bummer meal!  :(
Feeling lousy after such bad food, Jhonen cheered us up by getting dessert next door to the Bodhi Tree on Melrose. YAY for fabulous LA bakeries open late night!
That night, Shirley Levi was scheduled to rock the stage at Les Deux, a trendy restaurant-bar-nightclub hidden away just south of Hollywood Blvd and Las Palmas. Yes, another chic indoor-outdoor venue loaded to capacity with hot young Hollywood hipsters and glamour girls posing and dancing. DJ Mike Palmieri was spinning hip-hop, 90's and Top 20 that night. Patio decked out in Frenchie-glam, lush mature trees, a Tuscany-style two tier fountain, tall stone-brick walls and, of course, all the good-looking people. (I didn't eat there, but the dining menu consisted of some Italian and French classics.)
(Shirley is one of my oldest friends from a million years ago, stemming from way WAY back to SD art days.) She was expected to go on before midnight. Here she is.
Shirley Levi came on and ROCKED THE HOUSE. Killed it. Shirley puts on a sick show with great vibes, awesome music, dynamite energy, and that VOICE...
After 1am, still going.
Who took this picture?!
Then, naturally in the same hood, visit old old friend (circa '95) the amazing fabulous Freddy Negrete at Shamrock Social on Sunset to check for some killer black and grey.
I love LA.


  1. What an amazing night!!!!! Shirley was breathtaking!!! Her performance was totally out of this world. Her voice like an angel!!!!! Inspiring and magnetic!!!!!

  2. I love you Shirly levi! Your show at avalon blew us all away!! I just saw this article on akon's hitlab and was so excited that I saw you live just recently in hollywood!! You really are the most played artist on Hitlab!! That's dope
    Debbie Brawn