Thursday, June 3, 2010

Watermelon Spring Rolls...Coconut Chili Dip

I had something similar to this at a Singapore wellness resort a few years ago. This spring roll is an awesome combination of fresh intense flavors and textures: chewy rice paper, soft rice noodles, crisp juicy watermelon, tangy scallion, spicy mint. Seductive flavors at every single bite. Seriously.
Spring rolls: rice paper, rice noodles, scallion, mint and sugar baby watermelon
Sauce: bottled vegetarian fish sauce (made from coconut juice, vinegar and chili)
I'll repost with more pics and detail. These were SO GOOD. Luv, Lisa


  1. LD- I need this amazing looking recipe- when can you post??


    Oops, big apologies for no step-by-step(I was simply....lazy?!). However, please check out this one unKosher recipe to get the just of what's going on and substitute the shrimp with watermelon!