Monday, May 24, 2010

Pago in Salt Lake City

Kris raved about this new place Pago at 9th&9th in Salt Lake City, so we were all dying to go. The buzz about the organic local changing menu was enticing. I felt at home the moment I walked in - great urban vibe, awesome NYC loft feel with the steel beams and brick walls, intimate small space, the cute waiters in black, open kitchen up front, wine bottles in plexiglass display cabinet up front.... 
Mushrooms in yuzu and edible flowers. Fantastic, light and such a generous portion. Couldn't have been a better start!
Carpaccio and toast. Exquisite.
Salad, greens, apple, goat cheese. Fresh and fab.
Fish, curry. Beautiful and bold.
Vegetarian plate was enormous. The fabulous mushrooms, mashed potatoes, veggie and greens. Good, but heavy. The overall amount was ridiculous for one person.
Pasta noodles, peas, mushrooms and cheese.
Cornish hens, salad, fresh pitted cherries, homemade croutons, fresh greens. One of the best dishes ever!
Spinach side with shallots was overkill (so much food!). Delicious though!
The food was fantastic and distinctively fresh and organic - so intensely flavorful! The portions were huge and hubby, being a ridiculously light (and disciplined!) eater, thought it was on the heavier side. I look forward to coming back to try a different season menu.

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