Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple Seared Scallops (easy easy, add to any salad!)

Below is a sequence of shots for cooking scallops. For more scallops, visit this previous post from a few weeks ago when I made a Garlic Orange Sesame sauce for the Scallops.
(1) Wash these little guys, rinse them thoroughly. Teeny grains of sand may be hidden in there. Biting into sand is ick and can possibly ruin the ENTIRE meal. Pat them dry on paper towels. Coat evenly on both sides: granulated garlic, salt and pepper.
(2) Heat a pan on HIGH with light Olive Oil. Add the scallops individually with space between each piece. Leave them cooking on high heat until the bottoms are seared to a golden brown.
(3) Whenever cooking anything that could produce even a small amount of liquid, USE A SPLATTER SCREEN! I am a survivor of many corneal abrasions (ouch, my poor eyeballs).
(4) Ooh la la! Check one scallop to see the crispy edges, about 20 sec to 1 min per side (maybe?!). Beautiful! (See below pic.) Ready to flip all of them over to cook the other side now!
(5) Ready for serving... You can even eat them right off the pan.
These seared scallops are ready to eat as is. Sweet and flavorful (from the granulated garlic, salt and pepper).
Throw it into a salad - delish. Add to some cooked veggies - awesome. But if you MUST add a sauce or flavor, you can add Prepared Vietnamese Fish Sauce (always delicious) or Garlic Orange Sesame Sauce

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