Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lupo at Mandalay Bay in Vegas

Girls night out with my Miriam - YAY! We decided on Italian. Lupo by Wolfgang Puck at Mandalay Bay was perfect for a leisurely evening of doodling and nibbles.

Bruschetta alla Griglia, Purea di Fagioli, Pomodori, Prezzemolo e Mortadella. Delicious, but of course she didn't eat the Mortadella.
Fresh parmesan and a slick microplane. What a super friendly staff!
Penne alla Carbonara, Piselli. Can't go wrong with this one. Pasta was perfectly al dente and cheesy in all the right areas. Peas popped deliciously.
Filetto di Spigola con Fonduta di Pomodoro e Melanzane, Escarola, Pinoli e Pesto al Basilico. Three colors of the Italian flag: greens, white fish and red tomatoes. The tomato-eggplant "foundue" was AMAZING. This was one of the best fish dishes I've ever had! There were also some dried cherries (or humongous raisons) in the greens that were to DIE for.
Finally, Trio of Gelati e Sorbetti con Frutti di Bosco. Again, a no-brainer. YUMMY.
We found SNOOPY! I love this girl.

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