Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Magic Bullet...a wonder blender

This nifty gadget (yeah, that famous infomercial item) has probably been around forever, but I am finally discovering the MAGIC of The Magic Bullet! I am SO impressed and completely enamored with this fabulous little hand-held appliance designed for little people and perfect portions. It is small, uncomplicated, and so simple! Since bringing it home from Costco last week, we have been on a blending-craze, a fruity-kick, ODing on ice-cold, fruity, delicious smoothies all day long. I have yet to try out the Magic Bullet in other capacities (i.e., garlic chopping, coffee bean grinding...)!
Here's an impromptu photo demo by Michael :)
Michael, age 6, pro-smoothie barista, whips up and grinds up his favorite ingredients: a handful of of ice cubes, a cup of lemonade, some blackberries, 1 giant strawberry and one banana.
(1) Fill the "tall" plastic cup with everything, tighten the "blade lid."
(2) Turn it upside down to fit into the base (that is plugged in).
(3) ...notice how Michael casually presses his weight down to "pulse" at ease! (No dangerous blades to worry about!)
(4) When you sense that everything, especially the fruit and ice cubes, are all crushed and chopped up, simply lift the smoothie vessel-bullet-container out from its base, turn it back over and untighten, take-off the blade-lid. Finished!

(5) ...and voila! DONE. It is THAT simple - ready to serve, consume and enjoy! Delicious, nutritious, colorful, fresh, cold, raw, so refreshing.....
My kids LOVE the Magic Bullet. They can easily and quickly make their OWN (as in not requiring ANY help from me!) smoothies and milkshakes with minimal mess. Seriously, I haven't lifted a finger. Shame on me for being such a judgmental snob about infomercial products till now!

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