Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wahso in Park City, UT and Savor the Summit

Wahso is our absolute favorite choice out of the Bill White restaurants since Chef Ryan Burnham became, well, the chef.
Chill on the deck just before sunset.... 
Pecan Blistered Green Beans $4 -  Highly addictive, crunchy and tangy, but a little too saucy (I am a very-light-on-the-sauce girl). Second time around we requested sauce on the side. Fab.
Fried Wonton Chips with Dip (Free) -  Old school, classic crunchy and feel-good Chinese dive starter with a yellow kicky dip.
Hamachi Sashimi $17 (Japanese Yellowtail, fresh wasabi, Utah white nectarine, icicle radish, baby beechwood mushrooms and key lime) -  Gorgeous geometry, seductive flavors.

Sweet, tangy, citrus, ponzu.
Pineapple Fried Rice $4 -  Not bad, but not wow either.
Alaskan Halibut $29 (Heirloom tomato, caramelized fennel, sauteed swiss chard with a warm coriander vinaigrette) -  Pretty, delicious and curiously tall. Fennel is my fave. 
Ahi Tuna Steak $27 (Sweet Utah corn, heirloom tomatoes, edamame, toasted couscous, topped with basil-almond butter) -  Toasted couscous is chewy, crispy, super flavorful as well as super addicting. Unusual take on such a boring Ahi Tuna plate - love it.
Miso Buttered Corn on the Cob $4 - Tasty. Later came a a kosher version for hubby, sans bacon.
Crispy Tokyo Style Fingerling Potatoes $4 -  Texture good, but too spicy - MOUTH ON FIRE.
Ambience is always artsy-chic. When the temperature drops, our server brings out a silky soft chenille throw. Love the resort feel.
French Press Coffee with an Almond Cookie.
Key-lime Pie - Cute and adorable, especially the pitted cherry, but the "pie" actually taste like...cheesecake!?
Mini Dessert and Fortune Cookie - Yum.
Second time around, two days later, during the Savor the Summit solstice summer event, we dined on the balcony (yes, we're antisocial, okay?!) and ordered from the regular menu.
We scored the best seat in all of Park City at Wahso's balcony deck with a panoramic view of The Grande Table, a prix fixe wine-pairing sit-down dinner that took place down the entire length of Main Street. We stared down at Wahso's big lavish table and waved frantically and yelled Hi to people we knew. Upstairs we noshed on....
Tuna Tartare $12 (Hand cut tartare of seasonal tuna with fresh wasabi, ginger, jalapeno, toasted sesame seeds and coriander wonton chips) - I love this tartare.
Miso Black Cod $29 (Miso marinated Alaskan cod, wok tossed shitake mushrooms, bok choy, sticky rice and a spring onion ponzu) - Can't believe I hesitated ordering this. It was perfect - light, silky and flavorful, not heavy-oily at all. Sauce was like a ponzu with floating bits of lemongrass.
Hubby couldn't get enough of the chewy couscous and Ahi from a few days prior, and couldn't resist ordering it AGAIN (even after I begged him to try something new). 
French Press...
Toasted Coconut Creme Brulee with Macaroon and Pokey Sticks (in blue ice!) - Very good and pretty. I ended up digging out an impressive amount of coconut flesh with my butter knife. Consumed and utterly exhausted, I completely forgot to take pictures of my mess and the final mutilated shell. The torched pieces of coconut were the best. I have the knife technique down now for next time ;)
Tall trees with Chirstmas lights lined up down the middle of the dressed up extended table. Additional tree pots were positioned along the perimeter of the designated Wahso space to accentuate to aura of the outdoor atmosphere isolated from the busyness of the rest of Main Street. Ladies who got chilly when the temperature dropped were given plush lavender-colored fur throws! 
Street level a few feet from the dinner table, Wahso cooked the dinner right there...Chef Ryan and his crew in action...

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