Monday, December 27, 2010

Legendale Hotel - Cafe and Breakfast Room

I just found a bunch of breakfast pix from the China trip I forgot to post. I just love the The Cafe/Breakfast Room at the glitzy The Legendale Hotel Beijing. Killer power breakfast each morning :)
Egg Station - this guy can make it all for the white man Westerner...whites, omelets, scrambles, over-easy, poach, over-easy. You get the idea.
Noodle Station - My absolute favorite station of all time! Choose between fresh rice noodles, egg noodles, ramen and dunk it in broth, condiments, veggies, meats...
Waffle Station - Not one visitor the entire time I was watching.
West-Euro Spread - Cheeses, crackers, antipasti, cold pasta salads, seafood salads, potato salad...
Jap Spread - Seaweed salad, tofu, pickled fishes...
Congee Station - My other fave. Choose between 3 porridges and all the popular delish toppings.
Hot foods on hot pads - fried rice, dumplings, greens, stir-fries, everything... super buffet style.
Cereal and Juice Station - all fresh juices...popular green celery juice, apple juice, oj, grapefruit, fresh warm soy milk, cold soy milk, dairy yogurt, soy yogurt...
Fruit Station - fresh and dried fruits, complete with exotic Asian fruits like dragon fruit.
Over the course of 8 days, I ate...

For more of my awesome Legendale Hotel food experience, click here for Macao and click here for Petrus
Elegant lunch at Petrus, second floor

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  1. thanks for the delicious descriptions...we are super excited!