Sunday, December 19, 2010

sesame chip...gone bad!

What the heck is this?! This carcinogenic bubbly speckled spectacle, below, was my first attempt at microwavable "spring roll wrapper chips" or whatever the translation is. These black sesame chips have been on my mind since my trip to The Slanted Door when I had their Tuna Tartar with Chips. This is a popular chip served in various traditional Vietnamese soups.

It seemed simple enough to make. In red, the package reads "PUTTING IN MICRO.WAVE FOR 2 MINUTES AND THEN READY TO EAT." Already so many red flags, ugh ;) There must be an alternate method.
Angie was in shock when I took it out of the microwave. Um, EW, not edible! I'll seek out a tutorial from the asian market and report back soon. Soooooo, to be continued....
It is a cold, wet, snowy overcast mountain day - I love it! We have Kanye, Runaway on YouTube. Speed, colors and bass on my mind.

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