Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xiao Wang Fu - Ritan, Temple of Heaven

(This is another China post, out of order, out of sync, lost and now found!) Xiao Wang's Home Restaurant in Ritan serves high quality traditional home-style comfort food in an unpretentious atmosphere. No frills, just straight up awesome food. We lunched here after a super long power walk through Ritan Park, passing beautiful landscaped lawns, ponds and organized groups of local Chinese moving to Tai Chi, kung fu, chasing kites, dancing, hold hands, etc. For Beijing, it was a beautiful day with good visibility, not the usual dense no-visibility.
Our host had ordered ahead of time I think. When we sat down, food started coming out immediately - boiled shrimp, steamed celery, seaweed, stir-fry chicken, Asian greens, fresh lotus root, noodles, tofu crab soup, sea cucumber...
Sea Cucumber and Leeks in a type of oyster sauce. My favorite preparation. So delicious!
Can you taste how slippery it is? Intense combo of flavors and textures. Extra chewy and slippery this time ;)
Steamed fish in meats, mushrooms, ginger, soy, so delicate and the flavors were to die for.
This could have been the best fish I've ever had. Omg, I remember it so well. Seriously awesome fish.
Every bite was so silky, tender, fresh, flaky. Is the plating sloppy? Who cares. The flavors were mind-blowing!
Tofu crab soup. It was just so good. What else can I say?
Ritan Park - Where locals pay an entrance fee to enjoy the outdoors.

Temple of Heaven - There were many temples we visited. All buildings have been maintained, repainted with railings and signs put up to protect and teach. Not one word about buddism.
 The Hall of Prayer.

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