Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pho Green Papaya, West Valley

We had to hit Pho Green Papaya when we found out that Eric and Stacey had not been there yet. We were totally up for a fun Vietnamese spread. 

Young Coconut Juice $2.50 - Stacy loved this. It looked refreshing with chunks of coconut flesh floating around. The tall glasses really dress up the tables here.
Vietnamese Ice Coffee $3 - I was looking forward to an old-school drip filter, but my coffee arrived already mixed and ready to go.
Chicken Noodle Soup - Vietnamese style, with rice noodles in a ginger broth with cilantro and scallion.
Shrimp Spring Rolls $3.50 - Traditional. Nothing special about the rolls and the sauce is your standard nondescript peanut sauce.
Salt and Pepper Prawns $10.95 - Crazy good! Our absolute favorite of the night. Spicy and fab.
We had a big ol' jalapeno with each bite - so hard-core ;)

Sea Bass in Claypot $10.95 - Sauce is so sweet it coulda been a dessert. Also a bit hit. Huge serving for at least 4 people.
Garlic String Beans $6.95 - Can't go wrong.
Korean BBQ Beef Shortribs $12.95 - Addicting, chewy, finger-lickin' fave.
Jasmine Rice
Pad Thai Tofu $10.95 - All the rage, but I prefer Vietnamese fat noodle stir-fry. By the time this came out, we just couldn't do it. So so full.
Mango Sticky Rice $4.95 - Always hits the spot...all 4 spots :)
Three Colored Bean Dessert $2.95 - Sweetened softened black beans, peanuts, mungbeans, coconut milk, shaved ice. This is a standard Vietnamese dessert. If you haven't tried this, you must.
As it was getting later, the restaurant filled up with half Vietnamese and half white folks. The food came out immediately and everything was fantastic. (I noticed more than a few Depeche Mode songs playing.)

Green Papaya Restaurant
(801) 886-1548
Located on 3500 South just East/North of I-215.
2000 West 3500 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Pho Green Papaya on Urbanspoon

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