Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Asia Palace Restaurant in West Valley

We met up at Asia Palace in West Valley for dinner on a night where I was craving lẩu, the Vietnamese hot pot. Do-it-yourself dishes are FUN and I had heard good things about Asia Palace's lẩu from Makayla.

A portable single burner butane gas stove came out with the hotpot. The pot had an efficient design where the center is a deep vessel for the stock and the perimeter ledge held the ingredients.    
The Asia Palace hotpot includes: calamari steaks, shrimp, shrimp patty (the orange pieces), two eggs, block of tofu, cabbage and leafy greens, mussels and rice noodles. Despite efforts to accommodate hubby (a pescatarian, grr) by requesting no meat, only seafood/veggies, our giant pot still arrived with meatballs and red meat. They graciously substituted with a generous portion of shrimp paste and calamari.
When the lid came off, the majority slipped into the center pit of Thai hot and sour broth. It was a visual mess, but smelled delicious! Eric was in charge of lowering the heat whenever it started to boil over and the rest of us were in charge of identifying and fishing out protein before they overcooked.
Stacy cracked one egg while I stirred it egg-drop style. We cooked the other egg hard boiled.
The spicy Thai hot 'n sour soup seasoned everything beautifully. We didn't even need any dipping sauces!
I also ordered "Salt 'n Pepper Shrimp" kind of shocked and disappointed to see a plate piled high in heavy thick batter. Tasty, but not the light seared shrimp I was expecting. Now I know to clarify whether the shrimp would be seared or batter fried at the time of ordering.
When you go to Asia Palace, you HAVE to try their hot chili oil! They keep a good size jar of it on the condiment tray (there's one at each table) next to the hoisin, vinegar, sriracha, fish sauce, etc. I come here specifically for this addicting homemade chili sauce. Not crazy fire hot, but spicy, sweet, gingery, garlicky. Seriously good stuff.

Asia Palace
(801) 972-2835
Located just south of Redwood Rd on 3500 South.
1774 W 3500 S
Salt Lake City, 84119
Open Mon-Thur 9am-9pm, Fri-Sat 9am-9:30pm
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