Saturday, March 26, 2011

Park City Medical Center

It's true! I snapped my femur by tripping on the sidewalk in Salt Lake City en route to the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Concert at the Energy Solutions Arena :'( Seriously, no stilettos, gunshots or motorcycles involvedit was just the freakiest of freak accidents! 

My surgery was performed by Dr. Phil Davidson (truly the best orthopedic surgeon on earth) at the Park City Medical Center (PC Hospital) where I was cared for by an impeccable staff of nurses and aides for four nights, and nourished with post-op healing food by Chef Jason Kieffer. It has been an epic road to recovery thanks to my amazing husband, super awesome kids, brother Brian, Billie and the love and support of BFFs.

Pre-accident, pre-Gaga shot... mommy-daughter fun times at the Hotel Monaco. xoxo

Post-accident, post-op nourishment at Park City Medical Resort... I mean, Hospital ;')...
Buckwheat Pancakes, Fresh Berry Compote, Maple Syrup.  Tasty, best pancakes I've ever had (for real).
Toast, Herbed Turkey Sausage Patty.  
Oatmeal Brulee, turbinado sugar crust, chopped pecans.  "Oatmeal Brulee" was ridiculously good.
Lavender Lemonade.
Tortellini and Red Sauce.
Thai Vegetables, Brown Rice.
Chicken Noodle Soup.  Amazing clear flavorful broth.
Arugula Mozzarella Tomato Balsamic Sandwich.  Incredible flavors and so fresh, fresh, fresh.
Steamed Vegetables, Brown Rice.
Seasonal Fruit Plate.
Herb Veggie Eggwhite Omelette.  
Pineapple Chicken Sandwich.
Steamed Vegetables, Brown Rice.
Strawberry Banana Smoothie.
Berry Buckwheat Pancakes, Fresh Peach Compote, Maple Syrup.
Egg-white Veggie Omelette, Oven Baked Red Skin Potatoes. 
Rosemary Mashed Potato.  Wow...incredible.
Rainbow Chard.
Orange Braised Fennel with Apple and Sage.  Addicting, crunchy, sweet, tart.
Herb Gnocchi, Butternut Squash, Blue Cheese.  Unusual preparation, insanely good.
Some hospital literature...

Diana's Pignole Cookies with Black Currants were to die for. 
Look! Five days after my femur operation, I'm cruisin' the aisles of Walmart Supercenter in my sweet little ridemotorized wheelchair shopping cartstocking up on waterproof medical tape, vaseline, gauze, bandaides, men's sweatpants, etc., etc.  ;')
Thank you for all the concern, sympathy, love, books, magazines, sketchbooks, flowers, food, snacks, phonecalls, emails, FB comments, text messages, vm, songs, music, prayers, dreams... xoxo

Silver King Cafe at the Park City Medical Center
900 Round Valley Drive, Quinn's Junction
Park City, UT 84060
located inside the Park City Medical Center on the first floor
Breakfast: 7am-9:30am
Lunch 11am-2:30pm
Dinner 5pm-7:30pm
Limited Serf-serve Menu 7am-8pm

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