Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ghidotti's Italian Restaurant in Park City

After consuming a ton of BBQ, beers, ring pops and other junk food at Wolf Creek Mountain between YSL race events, we headed back to Park City in time for a late dinner. Max was actually craving Ghidotti's Italian located in the Redstone Center, one of the Bill White restaurants known for yummy bread baskets with crazy sick dips and great food.
Mama's Chicken Soup with Parmesan DumplingsMy kids call it the "Meatball Matzoh Ball Soup." This soup is always good, but on the saltier side. No worries, just prepare to guzzle some water and/or vino ;)  
Gnocchi MarinaraThese little potato balls come spicy, peppery and garlicky, so remember to request "mild marinara" for your third grader or there will be tears!
Grilled Salmon Picatta, house-made fettuccine, lemon, capers, parsley, white wine butter sauceMax's post-race craving was, out of all things, grilled salmon?! The kitchen split the order for ushalf portion was still more than I could finish. The salmon filet was seared beautifully and there is nothing tastier than chewy homemade noodles tossed in a lemon-butter-capers with slivers of lemon rind. Divine!
Resist filling up on the addicting complimentary bread and dip. I'm warning you...
Earlier at Wolf Mountain repping Park City Farm TeamBFF racerboys Arman, Rona and Max :)
BBQ Ribs, Beans, Chili, so totally American.
BBQ Chicken Breast, charred and juicy.
Potato Salad, some of the best I've ever had?
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich, sloppy and sensational.
Fries, ketchup, fry-sauce and extra mayo (so Euro-trash ;).
Ice-cold Beers in the majestic mountain sun.


Located in the Redstone Center next to the movie theater.
6030 Market Street #100
Park City, UT 84098
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  1. I travel to Tel Aviv at least twice a year and the food there is amazing! Lots of upscale restaurants with funky vibes, Abraxas North is the winner for me. On my last trip I also tried something totally new - eating in local people's homes, very cool!

  2. I am a food lover. I have tried all the Italian dishes but i didn't taste BBQ Chicken Breast yet. After reading this post i would love to visit Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv to eat this.