Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Since we were staying at The Pierre, I insisted on exploring by foot something near, fresh and different. Amali (115 E. 60th St., Upper East Side, NY) serves amazing Mediterranean upscale Greek food that is simply prepared with super fresh and high quality ingredients. We were impressed with how attentive and friendly our waiter was even though it was late and the place was packed. Inside was very loud yet cozy.
New York bread...mmm. High quality olive oil and a pinch of herbs.
Eggplant $12.  The best and most unusual eggplant you will have ever had. Spicy, dense, creamy but not slimy. Baked in calabrian chili, honey vinaigrette, toasted sesame, yogurt. They do wonders with the veggies, so if possible, order all of them.
Extensive wine list and no driving home ;) I love NYC.
Roasted Half Head of Cauliflower $12.  Simple and brilliant oozing sweet cauliflower flavors. Caramelized in Pimenton d'Espellette spices and tossed with crushed Marcona almonds. Cauliflower should always be cooked this way.
Whole Grilled Fish.  Stuffed with sweet Meyer lemons and fennel fronds. Delicate, perfectly flaky and delicious. Nothing too crazy, just simple and sensational.
House Beet Ravioli.  
Fresh Spaghetti $16.  Amazing plate of spaghetti made of house-made noodles and cured San Marzano tomato sauce, topped with grated Fiore Sardo. Straight-forward and classic, how spaghetti should be.
Wild Mushrooms $14.  Chanterelles, black trumpets, sunny up farm egg, brioche and grated Grana Padano. Oh my god. Salty mushrooms and creamy yolk...phenomenal.
Gianduja Gelato.  Spicy and rich. I am addicted to spicy chocolate.
? Forget what flavor this was but it was amazing. All three sorbets and gelatos were pretty special.
Greek Yogurt Sorbet.  Top off with coarse pepper. Can't decide which one was my favorite. All were exceptional.
Walking back to the hotel...
I love this city.
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