Saturday, March 3, 2012

Copper Onion

The Copper Onion is conveniently located near the freeway, down the street from The Gateway Mall and about 5-10 minutes from the airport. It's either Takashi or The Copper Onion when there is a downtown or airport errand. I love the natural light pouring in during lunch hour. The entire vibe of the restaurant is wholesome, organic, fresh, seasonal and local.
Pasta Carbonara.  Housemade fettuccine is so good here, perfectly chewy al dente. Bacon bits add that subtle salty yumminess. Eggy liquid yolk makes it extra heavy and rich, not my typical preferences, but this dish just kills it.
Spinach, Cashews, Golden Raisons.  So simple, sophistcated, spectacular.
Steak Salad.  Crispy shallot rings, fingerlings, chunks of bleu...
Trout Fillet.  Trout is not my favorite, but this was very good. Light and crisp on the outside, moist and flaky on the inside. The salad with the shaved fennel was awesome.
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