Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi Mountain Drug...burgers and milkshakes

After hearing about Kamas's Hi-Mountain Drug burgers and shakes from everyone in town, I just had to get a first-hand glimpse. In Kamas, Utah, right at the intersection before you hit the Kamas Pool (aka South Summit Aquatic and Fitness Center) with your kids, you'll see Hi-Mountain Drug on your left which houses a quaint and quirky little '50s-style diner serving straight-up middle american burgers and milkshakes. If you still consume ground beef and dairy, and you're biking, swimming, camping and hungry in Kamas, stop by for yummy comfort junk food :) Zack and I brought our new little Canon S100s to play and shoot with. 
Interior is modest, dated, neat and tidy. Half drug store and half diner. No coffee sold here! Those mugs are for hot chocolate. In lieu of much needed caffeine, we loaded up on some sickeningly sweet and sugary lime soda and messy dairy milkshakes.
These servers dressed in yellow gingham are lime soda and milkshake specialists. Fresh hand-pressed limes were added to our sodas which came in a chilled 22 oz tallboy beer mug and sugar-rimmed. Awesome. 
Milkshakes were mixed with care and served overflowing in tall styrofoam cups topped with crushed candy bars.
There was a decent selection of classic burger styles to choose from. I ordered the one with a fried egg, iceberg lettuce, ketchup, mustard and canned pickles. Served with house-made fries and fry sauce. Basic, classic, greasy, gross and... fabulous. I was impressed that there was an egg choice.
Zack got the cheeseburger with bacon, onion rings and fry sauce. Came with more onion rings and mustard. Another sick little basket of straight-up heart attack gluttony.
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