Monday, March 26, 2012

Bar Boheme at Easy Street

There are only a handful of favorite lunch places in Park City including High West, Windy Ridge, and some others that I can't think of right now... Took Bro out for a birthday lunch on Main Street at Easy Street's downstairs chill bar and full-service restaurant called Bar Boheme. This place is the main dining hall for The Sky Lodge so you will always into lots of friendly vacationers mingling with locals chatting it up getting the scoop on where to eat and what's up with the Utah liquor laws. Cheery vibe, cozy atmosphere, solid comfort food (with a raw bar).

Coffee, $2.95.  Needed to wake up again!
Calamari, $11.95.  We all agreed that this would have been much better minus the spiced mayo.
Lamb Burger, $15.95.  In general, I think Euro flavors are way too subtle. The lamb patty was amazingly juicy and packed with rich flavor. Maybe I have a sodium problem, as I needed to salt every bite.
Mussels (Large), $25.25.  I love the mussels here in spiced red broth.
Chocolate Croissant, $4.94.  
Oysters (Half Doz.), $19.50.  I prefer just a squeeze of lemon and chili or pepper. Love oysters to death.
Chocolate Fondue Spread.  Surprise, baby bro! Chocolate fondue spread on the house. Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUUUUU!
Make a wish.....
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