Thursday, March 1, 2012

Red Rock

We seem to always be drinking, eating or snacking at Red Rock Brewery at the Junction with the kids between all those afterschool activities or without the kids, at the bar (as seen here) grabbing a quick bite before a movie at Redstone Theater. Outdoor summer dining here is wonderful as you get fabulous seating right in people-watching view of Cold Stone and the movie theater. Beers are what they do and are great. Food is reasonable, pretty good always plentiful. Beware of the long lines at peak dinner hours on weekends filled with out-of-towners and movie-goers.
House Hefe, $4.50.  My beer of choice nowadays.
Utah laws recently changed to where wine is now permitted at the bar.
Daily specials are what you really want...
Bruschetta.  The crostinis this time were under-toasted and not as amazing as they usually are (charred grilled). Nut-crusted goat cheese is awesome with the sun-dried roasted tomato, basil and whole roasted garlic glove. I always order an extra garlic. Yum.
Halibut Sandwich, $20.99.  We actually requested Halibut to replace whatever the fish du jour was. Halibut prices were at an all time high (!) as you can see. All sandwiches are served in pita pockets and are enormous. (Actually, burgers ordered off the kids menu are served on buns.) I think normal fish sandwiches are about $15. You get a side choice of rice, fries or slaw. I love the slaw here, light and tangy, no mayo. They are usually pretty large enough to split between two people.
Still, not cheap, but very good and you won't be late for your movie.
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