Friday, May 11, 2012

The Dodo Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah

I finally went in to check out The Dodo Restaurant in Sugarhouse after driving by a million times. (I think they relocated here after being in the downtown Gateway location for a while.) Located just a few blocks down from Westminster College behind KFC on 2100 South, the summer patio is always slammed with a preppy university crowd, professor-types. Atmosphere resembles a nondescript hotel restaurant in any downtown.
Coffee was very good and came out fast! 
This shrimp salad was recommended. It was huge, bright, colorful and delicious. Too much going on, but flavorful and yummy.
Ahi Steak. Interesting odd plating.
Um, this must have been the biggest wasabi scoop ever.
Steak was good. Enormous amounts of rainbow veggies.
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