Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noble Club, Beijing

The Noble Club, B 16, Hepingli Zhongjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, +86 1- 6428 1188
(More China overdue post...) The drive-up to the Noble Club was grand. Our hostess took us from the entrance house and led us outside, down stone paths to the dining house where we were meeting our party. This place was huge and elegant. We walked for quite a long distance passing landscaped gardens and ponds that were dimly lit for a magical surreal ambiance.
Inside, the space was chic and modern with noticeably lots of concrete and live green plants. I was told that the many steps, levels and placement of walls followed strict Feng Shui guidelines.
I was too busy being socializing and forgot to take pictures of every single dish, but here are a few I did manage to shoot.
Crabs!  Cool presentation for these precracked crabs. Giant bowl of ice, some greens and a bouquet of fresh flowers pinned in the ice. Very fresh and tasty.
Liver?  Colors, textures, shapes, artsy.
Tofu Soup in Crab Broth.  Warm and flavorful. My new favorite soup. (Odd aluminum lining...perhaps to keep in the heat? Hiding a chipped bowl?)
Stir-fry Beef, Mushroom, Onion.  This was most familiar in flavors. Peppery and spicy, so good!
Fried Rice.  Flavors were okay. My least fave.
Flan?! On the left below, not sure. Everything was delicious and BEAUTIFUL, some too fabulous for words.
Stone walls, steel beams, glass light fixtures, glass railing for the balcony seating. Earthy and modern.
Ah, what a feast.
Tons of lush green plants, tropical-jungle-esque.
Some more images of the indoor balcony deck seating. Tropical meets modern.
We had to rush out in the middle of the meal to catch a flight to the next province. I hate leaving anywhere knowing that MORE dishes are on their way out.
I can only imagine how beautiful and lush this property must look like during the day!
The Beijing Airport is new, sleek and futuristic-looking. All the officers and attendants had on face masks.

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