Saturday, September 4, 2010

Key Lime Tartlets from Omaha Steaks!

The Feast continues with "Key Lime Tartlets."
Just as were about to light shabbat candles, I plated the single portioned "Key Lime Tartlets" (frozen, right out of the box) and set them aside. I figured they would take 15 minutes to thaw at a cool room temperature. It was a little tricky removing the foil pan without breaking off the pie crust but I did my best. Keeping with the circle feel, they looked darn cute on mini round colored tapas plates with thin slices of lime disks as garnish.
First bite was WOW, DELICIOUS! Hubby, a self-proclaimed key-lime snob, loved it and raved about its awesome consistency and tartiness. He even said it was the "best key-lime pie" he's had in a long time. (This is coming from a guy with very little complimentary words about ANY dessert.)
(I actually have no experience with mail-order food!) I am thoroughly impressed that such a high quality dessert, and SO homemade-tasting, can be delivered to any doorstep at any given time, frozen and ready to serve! This swanky little dessert just hooked me onto the Omaha Steaks brand. Can't believe I'm such an O.S. newbie.
Music of the moment as background for loud shabbat dinner with kiddies, playing on the screen and speakers is "Pink Floyd The Wall." Never ever get tired of watching this, hearing this - it is SO beautiful.

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