Tuesday, September 21, 2010

takashi...salt lake city

You're probably thinking, "Takashi, again?!" I know, I know, but this was Dale's first time, so I couldn't resist. As usual, we ordered the faves and a couple extra...
Sablefish Nigiri, $9 for 3 pieces... torched cod, minced garlic and scallion, ponzu... silky smooth and smoky
Summit Roll, $11.50... tuna, salmon, avocado, tobiko, birds eye chili, ginger sauce... "riceless treat"
Strawberry Fields, $8... strawberries, spicy mayo, hamachi, toasted almonds... all-time favorite, sweet and spicy
King Kong, $8... tempura banana, salmon, tuna, tobiko... the banana is an explosion of sweetness
Green Tea, $1.50... hot, flavorful and one of the most delicious teas around
Toro, Caviar and Truffle Oil, $24 for 3 pieces... fatty tuna, caviar, truffle oil... so rich and decadent! Dale's fave, "like the most incredible dessert..."
Lady In Red, $13... avocado, cucumber, tuna, strawberry, chili, spicy mayo... pretty and delicious, but probably our least fave
Toro, Shisito, Caviar and Truffle Oil, $24 for 3 pieces... tempura shisito pepper, toto, caviar, truffle oil... i loved this!
...crunchy batter, smooth fish, truffle explosion, salty caviar, heavenly textures and flavors!

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